how to sew… the dress #122 of burda 6/15: sewing 2

IMG_0708 IMG_0711Heyhey,

last chance to vote for the next tutorial here.

Here are the next sewing steps for the retro hippie dress, you can find the first parts here: pattern, cutting, sewing1.


DSCF7245 (copy) I pinned my facing onto my dress, right sides facing each other

DSCF7246 (copy)and sewed all around from marking to marking

DSCF7247 (copy)then I pinned that ends up

DSCF7248 (copy) and pinned my centre front seam, and sewed it up close to that folded up ends

DSCF7249 (copy) then I folded them down again and sewed them together, cut back the corners of the seam allowances, and cut in at the curvesDSCF7250 (copy) then I turned the facing on the inside and pinned the seams onto each other

DSCF7251 (copy) and sewed through the seams,

DSCF7252 (copy) to keep the facing where its supposed to be: insideDSCF7253 (copy) now I pinned my sleeves into the small sleeves already part of the bodice, marking on marking, bodice wrong side out, sleeve right side out and sewed. I never did any serging with this dress, because it does not fray at the edges, I sewed it with the stretch stitch on my sewing machine

DSCF7254 (copy) then I pinned the hems up

DSCF7255 (copy) and hemmed all with zigzag

DSCF7256 (copy) sleeve hems and dress hem

DSCF7257 (copy) I also added it to the neckline, just because I liked the look at all open edges, and I did not trust the facing to stay inside

DSCF7258 (copy) but when I tried it on I noticed how there was way to much fabric under my bust

DSCF7259 (copy) it just looks weird,if it does not go close to body under the chest area

DSCF7260 (copy)way better with less fabric

so I will show you next week how I changed my dress to fit better.

Do you have any questions about this so far? Do not hesitate to ask!

Like my fabric? You can get your own here, also in different colors. In my version it is printed on performance pique

retro flowers

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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