how to sew… the jumpsuit #119 of burda 6/15: sewing4

IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0714Heyhey,

so my jumpsuit is finally finished and here are the last steps. If you are just joining now you can find the other parts here: pattern, cutting, sewing1, sewing2 and sewing3


DSCF7353 Now I overlocked the hems and marked my hem allowance

DSCF7354then ironed it inside and sewed all around

DSCF7355now I made the lining smaller by the same amount as the outside part last week

DSCF7356then I placed front and back lining in the jumpsuit the way they later should be

DSCF7357so I am sure which side seam I should sew

DSCF7358then I pinned my side seam, but left the double of the seam allowance open at the top

DSCF7359next I pinned the lining right side on right side on the top of the back part and sewed

DSCF7360then I folded the top stripes down and pinned the lining to the top seam of the waist part and sewed close to the original seam

DSCF7361then I folded the lining parts down and ironed them

DSCF7362now I folded the seam allowance of the back part inside

DSCF7363and reached for those seam allowances on the inside

DSCF7364turned them outside and pinned the seam allowances of the lining and waist-part together

DSCF7365but left twice the seam allowance open at the down-end

DSCF7366and sewed

DSCF7367looked clean when turned back

DSCF7368now I folded the seam allowance inside at the zipper

DSCF7369then turned it wrong side out again and pinned seam allowances together

DSCF7370and sewed

DSCF7371looks like this

DSCF7372and of course the same with the zipper at the front part, always leaving some cm open at the down end



DSCF7375now I folded the seam allowance on the down inside and pinned it from the right side in place, through the original seam

DSCF7376then sewed through the original seam and by that sewed the lining closed

DSCF7377I also sewed over the few cm I could not reach before

DSCF7379 my finished jumpsuitDSCF7380 I made myself a fitting hat. Like it? you can buy your own in my etsy store or can vote here, for me to turn my patterns into pdf’s so you can download it and sew your own.


Do you have any questions about the sewing process of my jumpsuit? Or any wishes for future tutorials? Do not hesitate to ask or tell me!

Like my fabric? You can order your own here.

stripes and dots (copy)

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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