how to sew… potholder-gloves part1 *quick/easy*


I am starting with easy beginner projects again. Every Wednesday I will post a tutorial for something suitable for beginners and seamstresses looking for something quick. I have some ideas and on my list are for example totes, infinity scarves, easy tops/ponchos and book-covers. If you have any ideas/wishes, please let me know, I am always glad for new ideas.

This week I am starting with potholders. I personally like those potholders coming as gloves, so here is how you can make some yourself. I split this tutorial in 2 parts, just so it will not be to long. Next part will be online next week.

You will need:

– for the pattern:

  • paper
  • pen
  • a hand

-for the gloves:

  • cotton fabric (scraps or a fat quarter will be enough) (I used denim)
  • vlieseline thermolam or any other thick interlining, when in questions ask in your local craft-store
  • sewing thread
  • pins
  • sewing machine (of course you could also sew it by hand)

DSCF7399 First I placed my hand on the paper and drew a line around it, quite some cm away from my hand. My gloves are still pretty tight, so if you want a loose glove, you should leave more space between hand and line.

DSCF7400 my first lineDSCF7401 then I redrew the line, made some parts straight to have a simpler formDSCF7402 then I added 1cm seam allowance all around it. Seam allowance is something you can do in every width,  whatever you feel comfortable with, if you are just starting, you might feel better with 1.5 or 2 cm. You just need to remember what width you used. At the opening for the arm you should add at least 2 cm.

DSCF7403 then I placed my gloves-pattern on a fabric, folded in half. I sadly only had this little piece left over. Then I pinned it and cut it

DSCF7404 because the fabric was folded I got 2 mirror images of my gloves-pattern.

DSCF7405because I did not have enough of the other fabric I cut the same of another fabric, if you do have enough fabric, you can cut it twice from the same.

DSCF7406then I placed the second set on top of the first set, right sides of the fabric, inside facing each other

DSCF7407thats what the thermolam looks like


DSCF7409I folded it and cut the glove pattern 2 more times


DSCF7411my four glove pieces looking at the wrong side

DSCF7412then I placed them on the wrong side of each denim glove piece

DSCF7413then placed them right side in on top of each other again. I have now 4 layers: interlining, print fabric, uni fabric, interlining

DSCF7414then I pinned those 4 layers together

DSCF7415then I marked 2cm at the opening and cut the interlining

DSCF7416both layers of interlining, the denim stays the same size

DSCF7417now I sewed all around the glove with my sewing machine, parallel to the marking for 1cm, if you do not have markings on your machine, use a sticky note to mark the width of your seam allowance. Then I cut into the seam allowance between thumb and hand, almost reaching the seam, and cut the seam allowance only a few mm wide at the curves

DSCF7418and then I could turn them around with nor right side out.

DSCF7419my potholder gloves so far

DSCF7420thea are very close to my hand, I like them that way, but of course wider ones work well too

DSCF7421next week I’ll show you how I make the inside pretty by lining them.

Well I hope this was interesting for you. Do you have any questions about the project so far? Please do not hesitate to ask!

If you like my print fabric you can get it here.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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