how to sew… potholder-gloves part2 *quick/easy*


here are the step by step instructions how to add a lining into the potholder-gloves. To see how I made my potholder gloves please check out part1.

For the lining you will need:

  • soft cotton fabric
  • the pattern of your glove from next week (see link above)
  • sewing thread
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • some ribbon if you want to sew a loop into your gloves to hang them up

DSCF7515 I placed my glove pattern on the folded lining fabric

DSCF7516 but made it 1cm shorter

DSCF7517and cut 4 lining glove-parts

DSCF7518then I pinned 2 of them together, right sides inside facing each other

DSCF7519and sewed around parallel to the edge with my 1cm seam allowance, then cut that seam allowance in half, always securing the seam by doing some stitches forwards and backwards

DSCF7520next I marked 1cm at the hem

DSCF7521and ironed the 1cm up

DSCF7522then I folded the fabric of the gloves at the edge of the interlining (its 2cm shorter)

DSCF7523and ironed it

DSCF7524then I put the lining gloves into the gloves

DSCF7525the lining is 1cm shorter then the outside

DSCF7526I pinned through all layers all around the hem

DSCF7527now there is something I never understood: why do all kitchen textiles have loops? Well maybe I am the only person to never hang up potholders and such. Anyhow, if you need loops in your gloves, now is the time to pin a ribbon between lining and outer fabric.

DSCF7528then sewed all around the hem, a few mm wider then the 1cm, so I sewed through the lining layer as well. Do not worry if you have some folds in your lining fabric, I do as well and nobody will see 😉

DSCF7529it can happen that the lining gets pulled out when you remove your hand, to prevent that, I turned the glove wrong side out

DSCF7530and then did some hand stitches through the lining and interlining, so the lining is attached to the interlining and will stay inside.

DSCF7531my finished gloves. What do yours look like?

Do you have any questions about this project? Do not hesitate to ask!

like my print fabric? you order it here.

next week I will show you how to sew a easy cover for a bolster-pillow. Do you have any ideas or wishes for beginner friendly tutorials? Let me know, I am happy for any new idea and wish!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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