how to sew… the dress #122 of burda 4/15: skirt seams, skirt to top, hem and finish

IMG_0682 IMG_0678 IMG_0677Heyhey,

how is your weekend going?

I am really not sure if I do like this dress, but first the last steps of the sewing process. What I will change if I ever sew this pattern again, at the end of this post.

And the steps until this point can be found here: pattern, cutting, sewing1, sewing2 and sewing3

DSCF7187 next I pinned the centre back skirt part to the side parts and the front parts to the side parts

DSCF7188 sewed and serged all together

DSCF7189 now I pinned the skirt part to the top part, ruffling between the markings

DSCF7190 and sewed all around, starting at the marking for the top part around to the other marking, so the facings of the skirt-front stayed open

DSCF7191 then I folded them over, wrong side out, and sewed again

DSCF7192 and serged the whole seam

DSCF7218 turned right side out it looks at the waist like this. Now I pinned the facing right side inside to the skirt at the hemDSCF7219 marked my hem allowance and sewed, and serged the whole hem

DSCF7220 turned the right side out, drew my hem allowance on, folded the fabric up at the line, ironed and sewed

DSCF7221 thats what the dress looks like when I pull it tight, the front moves to the left

DSCF7222 and top front and back are to long for my short waisted body – oh and ignore my pants I wear under it, I was just putting it on to show you

DSCF7223 when I knot the belt where it is supposed to, my waist looks non-existend

DSCF7224and the back

well, I am not sure what went wrong, I still like this design and idea, but I have some things I would change:

  1. shorten the top parts and make the waist smaller
  2. use fusible interlining on the neckline-facing, even though I was careful, it stretched out a little bit
  3. take some bulk out of the skirt at the top, but make the skirt wider at the hem, I just do not like so many ruffles on my hips
  4. make the back a little smaller

I really was looking forward to this dress, now I am not sure if I will ever get myself  to wear it. Do you have made experiences similar to that?

Do you have any questions about this project? Do not hesitate to ask!

If you have a few minutes and have not voted yet, I would highly appreciate, if you take part in my poll about the next tutorial. Thank you!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. Is it difficult to shorten the waist? Do you find that Burda patterns in general are very liberally sized (I heard this opinion somewhere)?

    • No, it isn’t. Should I make a tutorial about that?
      I used to fit very well in that burda-size, but lately it seams they changed it a little and maybe I should start sewing a smaller size.

      • I find everything on your site informative. Perhaps at some stage you can have a poll of what tutorials readers want? I voted for the next burda I want to see 🙂 Burdastyle is 3 months slower in Australia, I only just bought the April issue!

      • thank you, glad to hear you think that way! I made a big poll about what people want on my blog and for now I am trying to stick with that, some things are still in the work that were wished for, but coming soon. In July I should finally find the time. You are from Australia? Which part? I have Family in Adelaide, but haven’t had the chance to visit in more then 20 years now.

      • I’m from Brisbane! It’s a laid back place full of natural beauty. I haven’t been to Adelaide myself but it’s more or less similar 🙂 Hope you have more time and both blog-related and other things! Cheers and looking forward to your posts. Ps I’ve collected BurdaStyle for a few years but never made anything from it yet. Maybe soon!!!

      • I have a big collection of burda styles as well, just because its the pattern magazine you can get the easiest here. I would like to get my hands on more issues of knip mode (from Netherlands) and Patrones (from Spain) and whatever mags I might not know about yet.

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