how to sew… the dress #111 of burda 2/15: sleeve into bodice and collar


how was your weekend? It was nice weather in Berlin, Germany, even though its the time of the year I am never sure, if I am happy about sunshine, just because I get hay fever. My whole face itches. Does anyone of you has hay fever as well and knows any great tricks? I only use some nose spray to keep it controllable, because those pills make me soooooooo tired…

Anyhow here a the next steps of that fun dot-dress, you can find the first steps of this project here: part1, part2, part3, part4, part5

DSCF7045 I pinned the sleeves into the bodice, marking on marking

DSCF7046bodice with wrong side out and sleeve with right side out, right sides facing each other

DSCF7047I had a little extra at the sleeve, so I pinned myself a little ruffle at the shoulder

DSCF7048then I sewed the sleeves in and overlocked the edges

DSCF7049top part almost finished

DSCF7050now I pinned the collar in place, starting at the button facings edge all around to the other edge. dress right side out and only one layer of the collar, right sides facing each other

DSCF7051sewed all around

DSCF7052then I folded it over and pinned the inside

DSCF7053folding the seam allowance into the collar, collar a few mm wider than the outside

DSCF7054pinned it all



DSCF7057and sewed

DSCF7058close to the seam, on the bodice, not on the collar, so the seam is almost invisible

DSCF7059this way I sewed it also in place on the inside, even though the seam does not look as straight, but the outside look is more important to me. 😉

Do you have any questions about this steps? Do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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