how to sew a dress: first seams and ironing


I know the last part was already named first seams, but here comes how I treat the seams differently and a lot of ironing, especially the button facing. Ironing is definitely not my favorite part of the sewing process, but I haven’t found a way around it yet. 😉

If you are just joining, you can find the earlier parts with the following links: part1, part2, part3 

DSCF6813I used my thinnest needle for all the sewing, because the fabric is so delicate. I sewed the sleeve seams and serged the seam allowances together. I am sorry, its hard to see with the busy print

DSCF6814the same with the centre back

DSCF6815the seams of the sleeve facings I sewed and then ironed the seam allowances apart

DSCF6816now for the ironing part, after sewing the button facing to the right front I ironed the seam allowances into the facing

DSCF6817then I folded the facing at its later width of 1.5cm into the front part

DSCF6818and then outwards again, with the fold right at the original seam

DSCF6819then inward again, just a tiny bit shorter then the top

DSCF6820now I folded the first fold open again

DSCF6821and folded the edge of the facing right to that first fold

DSCF6822all folded back together

DSCF6823DSCF6824now I have that top part covering the lower part where I later will place my buttons. Of course all this needs to be fixated with a seam, which I will show you next week, along with how I will iron the left button facing.

Well I hope this was helpful for you, I know covered button facings can be a little bit confusing, it always helps me to fold a paper, to understand what I have to do. If you have any questions about this, please let me know and I will show you the process of ironing again on some muslin.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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