how to sew… the dress #111 of burda 2/15: buttonholes and buttons


here are the next steps for the dress. First parts can be found here: part1, part2, part3, part4, part5 



IMG_0768I found this cute small buttons in my stash

IMG_0769they are not the same, but similar enough

IMG_0770so I placed the button on the collar and then measured from the middle of the button down, minus 1cm seam allowance.

IMG_0771then I measured how wide my buttons arethe

IMG_0772I have 7 buttons on the facing, so I took my facing measurement minus 7 times the button width and that divided by 8 (spaces between buttons) to know how far apart I should place the buttons and button holes to have them evenly placed

IMG_0773then I pinned the needles where the buttons would be placed, space between buttons – button width – space between buttons and so on

IMG_0774according to this markings I sewed the buttonholes. you can’t see it well, but mine turned out very uneven… one closer to the edge then the other and such, probably thanks to the really slippery fabric I guess. Anyhow I decided that if you do have a covered button facing the button holes do not need to be perfect, so I let them do their little dance.

IMG_0775after cutting all button holes open I placed both facings on top of each other, as it would look like when closed

IMG_0776and marked the placings of the buttons

IMG_0777and then sewed all buttons in place.

IMG_0778my closed button facing

IMG_0779top part of the dress finished

IMG_0780looks nice.

Sadly I have to take a break from this dress at this point, because the skirt parts needs to be turned into plisse. With  this fabric I should really leave that to professionals and I do not have the money to pay them at this point. I will see when I get enough money together and I will show you the last steps to finish the dress. (If you do not want to wait, you could send me € or $ via my paypal donate button and I will take all the money donated to pay for the plisse and if any penny is left I will invest it in other sewing things that help me keep the blog running.)

While this project takes a break I still have other projects on my table, so stay tuned in.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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