organizing sewing supplies: scissors and shears


today I want to show you how I organize my scissors. I do not know about you, but since I started sewing it seems I am getting more and more scissors… every time I see them on a good price I will get some new ones. Since I do teach sewing it comes in handy to have so many. But it is getting hard to keep track of what which scissors are used for. Since you should use the same only for fabric or paper otherwise they will get blunt very soon. So I marked every one:  

DSCF7532 paper shears get a reddish brown point and fabric shears a white point. the colors do not mean anything it just have been the only permanent markers I had laying around when I started this system.

DSCF7533and I have to cups on which I wrote what the color means in german and english. I put my scissors in them when they do not get used that moment.


how do you organize your scissors? Do you have quite a few as well or do you work with 2?

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. I have several pairs of really nice Ginghers that are ONLY used for fabric. I used to tell my kids “you toucha my ginghers and you lose a finga…” (I was joking but they never touched them!) I get those sharpened regularly. Then I have lots of paper scissors. I pretty much keep them in my sewing basket, in a kitchen drawer, in a desk drawer etc so if one pair is missing I can go find another!

    • well I guess your kids noticed that the Ginghers are really important to you 😉 yeah you can never have to many scissors, I often even have one in every handbag, in case I carry my knitting or crochet project with me.

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