how to sew… the blouse #109 of burda 7/15: sewing3

DSCF7214 DSCF7208Heyhey,

here are the next steps for my sunny blouse. You can re-read the steps before here: pattern and cutting, sewing1 and sewing2.

let me know what tutorial would be most interesting for you and vote for the next tutorial here.

DSCF7475 now I marked my hem allowance at the sleeves

DSCF7476folded it up and pinned it from the right side

DSCF7477and sewed, but left about 5 cm around the inner sleeve seam open

DSCF7484then I cut elastic ribbon according to the pattern instructions

DSCF7485pinned one end to the seam and a safety pin in the other end

DSCF7486and used the safety pin to pull the elastic through the hem, it will ruffle quite a bit thats why I fixed the other end, so it would not follow

DSCF7487now I pulled my ends out and pinned them together

DSCF7488and sewed them together

DSCF7489and closed that last part of the hem

DSCF7490my finished sleeves. If you are not sure about the sleeve length better do this step later after your tried it on, I did it so early because its easier, when you do not have the whole blouse hanging at the seam already… and with 3/4 sleeves you cant do so much wrong 😉

DSCF7474I overlocked all edges of the later side seams

DSCF7491next I marked where my zipper would go at the left side seam. if you are left handed you would do the zipper in the right side seam

DSCF7492then I sewed the side seam, the part for the zipper with wide stitching, securing the normal seam at beginning and end with stitches forward and backwards


DSCF7494now I ironed the seam allowances apart and placed the zipper on the fabric, the slipper  opens from the hem and is upside down in the blouse (in my experience those are easier to open and close if you are not super flexible)

DSCF7496then I sewed all around the zipper from the right side and unpicked the wide stitching

DSCF7495and cut back the to long end of the zipper


DSCF7497testing if it works

DSCF7498now I pinned my right side seam and sewed

Next week I will show you the last steps: sleeves into bodice, hem and buttons.

Do you have any questions about this project? Do not hesitate to ask!

If you like my small flowers print you can order your own here.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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