how to sew… the blouse #109 of burda 7/15: sewing1

DSCF7214 DSCF7208Heyhey,

here are the first steps of sewing on my fun blouse. You can read about the pattern and cutting here.



DSCF7422first I pinned my centre back seam and the back darts

DSCF7423and the shoulder seams of the facing

DSCF7424and the strip for the button-loops

DSCF7425same as the front darts

DSCF7426and the sleeve seams

DSCF7427then sewed and serged, sleeve seams, shoulder seams in facing and centre back seam

DSCF7428and sewed the darts and the loops-strip

DSCF7429next I pinned the back waist part to the back top part

DSCF7430sewed, serged and ironed into the waist-part

DSCF7431then I sewed with wide stitching the top of one down part within the seam allowance

DSCF7432I left long threads

DSCF7433then pinned the ends to the waist part

DSCF7434and ruffled it down to the needed size

DSCF7435sewed and serged and ironed into the waist part

DSCF7436my back part so far, already looks like fun 😉

DSCF7437then I cut the seam allowance at my loop-strip to a few mm

DSCF7438and used the threads of the seam

DSCF7439to knot a thick needle in place

DSCF7440then pushed the needle through the tunnel

DSCF7441and failed miserably… it was just to small

DSCF7442so I started a second attempt

DSCF7443and this time

DSCF7444it worked

DSCF7445then I measured around the buttons I wanted tu use

DSCF7446and marked that

DSCF7447and added twice my seam allowance

DSCF7448then cut all into stripes that long

DSCF7449decided 4 buttons would look good

DSCF7450then placed my loops, first right where I had my marking on top, the lowest 0.5cm over the seam allowance, and the other in between, spaced evenly

DSCF7451then sewed over it, less wide then the seam allowance

DSCF7452it will look like this when finished.

Do you have any questions about this? Do not hesitate to ask!

like my cute little flowers in the print? you can order your own here, I had it printed on silky faille for this project.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy




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