how to sew… the blouse #109 of burda 7/15: sewing2


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Mine isn’t going as planned, just because I managed to get a cold in the middle of summer and my head feels like it wants to explode. But lets talk about nicer things: Here are the next steps for my fun yellow blouse. You can re-read the steps before here: pattern and cutting, sewing1

DSCF7453last week I finished my back-part and added the button-loops to the front, so this time I kept working on the front. Now I pinned the facing to the front parts, right sides facing each other

DSCF7454and sewed and serged until 5-10 cm before the shoulder seams

DSCF7455turned the facing on the inside and placed the buttons in the loops to see what the final look will be like and decided I like it that way

DSCF7456now I pinned the underlap-parts together

DSCF7457and sewed 2 long side and one short side together

DSCF7458cut the seam allowance at the corners

DSCF7459and turned the right side out and ironed. if you look closely you notice my flower is upside down, I should have checked for that before sewing. I decided that the underlap will not be seen, so I just left it that way.

DSCF7460next I placed it under the left front part, so half of it will be shown

DSCF7461then folded the facing open and pinned through seam allowance and facing the underlap in place

DSCF7462and sewed

DSCF7463then pinned the opening together the way it should look at the finished item

DSCF7464now I pinned the front waist-part to the top front part

DSCF7465sewed and serged and ironed the seam allowance into the waistpart

DSCF7466looks like this

DSCF7467now I placed my bottom part on the waist part, sewn with wide stitches which I ruffled to the right size, like I did last week with the back.

DSCF7468sewed and serged and ironed the seam allowance into the waist-part again

DSCF7469my finished front part

DSCF7470now I pinned the front and back parts at the shoulder seams together

DSCF7471sewed and serged

DSCF7472then pinned the rest of the facing to front and back parts

DSCF7473sewed and serged

DSCF7474and ironed the facing folded inside.

Do you have any questions about this project so far? Do not hesitate to ask?

Like my print with the small flowers? You can order it here, also in other color combinations.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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