how to sew… a tote-bag part2 *quick/easy*


here is the 2nd part for the tote-bag tutorial, you can re-read the first part here.

DSCF7699 so after finishing the bag last week I needed to make my straps, so I took the length of strap I wanted (58cm) plus 2 times the seam allowance at the top (2 x 4cm). So I cut straps 66cm long. I picked 58 cm length, because its long enough to get comfortable over the shoulder, but still short enough to carry it in the hand… or at least thats what I think 😉

DSCF7700 the straps I cut are 6cm wide, 1.5cm – 2cm – 1.5cm – 1cm I marked on those straps

DSCF7701then I cut it and placed it on the ironing board, then ironed the 1.5cm inside

DSCF7702 then the 1cm from the other side

DSCF7703 and folded that 1cm over again at the 1.5cm line, so I folded all down to a 2cm wide strip that I marked in the middle

DSCF7704 thats what the inside of my strap looks like now. This way all open edges are placed inside and the thickest part is in the middle of the strap

DSCF7705 of course I did the same with the other strap as well

DSCF7706then I sewed over both twice parallel to each other, so all folds will stay in place

If you like to you can sew more parallel lines as well, if you use a solid color you could do so in a contrasting thread-color, that might give a nice look.

DSCF7707 then I re-checked if both straps are the same length, and had to cut one a little shorter, because it was longer then the other.

DSCF7709now I placed my first strap on the un-folded top, wrong side of the strap facing up. I measured the same from each side seam, so they would be placed evenly.

DSCF7710 then I sewed over them within those first 2cm I ironed last week, you will not be able to see that seam later, its just to keep the straps in place

DSCF7711 now I folded those 2cm inside again

DSCF7712 and then folded it over again

DSCF7713 and folded the strap up again

DSCF7714and pinned it in place.

DSCF7715then I sewed the straps in place with those little boxes with a cross inside

DSCF7716 looks like this. In case you are wondering, I made step by step pictures for this a little more to the end of this post

DSCF7717 I sewed those from the right side of the bag, because the wrong side tends to look a little messy…

DSCF7718 but of course if that does not bother you, you can always sew on this side, because you can see the strap that you are sewing.

DSCF7719then I did the same with the other strap, I placed it right where I put the first strap and folded it inside the double-fold at the top as I did with the other.

Here comes the little step by step on how I sew those little rectangles on the straps and bag: (if you have your own method, just scroll over it)

DSCF7720 I start at the top and sew from the beginning of the strap, parallel to the fold

DSCF7721 to the end of the strap but stop just before, the needle is still placed inside the fabric, then I lift the presser foot and turn my fabric

DSCF7722so I can sew through the side of the strap, until the fold of the strap, then turned again

DSCF7723 and sewed close to the fold and parallel to that edge again, turned 90 degrees againDSCF7724and sewed up on the other side, then I turned it 45°

DSCF7725 and sewed diagonal to the other corner

DSCF7726 from there turned to sew the bottom again, turnedDSCF7727 and sewed the other diagonal line

DSCF7728 and finished with sewing the top seam again and securing my seam with stitches forward and backward.

DSCF7729 then all that was left to do was just to sew parallel to the end through that twice folded seam allowance at the top all around the top of the bag, securing my seam al beginning and end (start and stop was one of the side seams)

DSCF7730 and my tote bag is finished

DSCF7731my top seam looks a little wonky, if you get to close 😉

DSCF7732 anyhow as planned, works great over the shoulder

DSCF7733but also carried by hand. 🙂

Do you have any questions about this project? Do not hesitate to ask!

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keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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