organizing sewing supplies: sewing needles


my first exam of my master craftsman of tailoring is tomorrow, so send me some luck! 😉

DSCF7734 This is the box I keep my sewing needles organized in

DSCF7735looks like this… well kind of organized

DSCF7736I have this universal sewing needles in different sizes, the smaller the number the smaller the needle, they work for different kinds of woven fabric, bigger needles are needed for thicker fabric

DSCF7737then I additionally have quite a few denim needle, which are a little stronger then the universal needle… or thats what they tell me, I still manage to break them sometimes 😉

DSCF7738and then I have some more needles for special fabrics… like my needles for jersey and other knit fabrics. they have a dull point so they will not cut any thread of the fabric and keep it run-free that way. My overlock/serger requires special needles as well and because I like faux-leather I also have leather needles which have a knife at the point, cutting through the leather.

And last but not least my twin needles which I kind of forget about before writing this post… I really should use them more often

DSCF7739below those machine sewing needles are my hand sewing needles

DSCF7740which are more or less unorganized 😉

How do you keep your sewing needles organized?

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



  1. I wish they would colour code needles.. I often change to a ball point needle and if I am not really strict with myself, and put it straight back afterwards, I can’t tell them between ordinary needles. (it might be my eyesight!)

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