how to sew… knit pants for my planned suit part2


I finished this pants some time ago, here are finally the last steps of the tutorial: (part1)(drawing)


I got an wide elastic to hold the pants in place, I pinned it in a circle and cut the cuff fabric twice as wide as my elastic plus twice my seam allowance.


and sewed my elastic-ribbon into a circle.DSCF7978 then placed my elastic in the cuff-fabricDSCF7979and pinned the waistband to the pants, all open edges towards the topDSCF7981pushing my elastic away from the edges, so it wont get caught in the seamDSCF7982

and sewed around it… sorry for the blurry picDSCF7983 now I pinned my hem upDSCF7984

and sewed with zigzag. when I hem something I use a sticky note to mark the width of my hem. so its the same all around and at both legs DSCF7985finished!


top and pants finished! Maybe I will do the jacket next autumn… at the moment I feel more like sewing for summer. I just cant wait for warmer temperatures!

Do you have any questions about this sewing project? Do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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