how to sew… knit pants for my planned suit part1


for my pants for the planned suit I use a knit fabric with a velour like side. In german it is called nicki, do you know the english name for it? I chose this fabric, because its stretchy and soft and looks a little retro 😉 even though I know its a difficult fabric because it tends to go its own way, even if pinned well.


I pinned my pattern pieces to the fabric, carefully lining up the grain line.

DSCF7898then I cut out all pattern pieces and first I will sew in the pocketsDSCF7899

now I measured the pocket opening , but where I want the strip to end later


So I know how long to cut them

DSCF7901then I folded the strips in half and pinned them to the right side of my pants, all open edges at the same curveDSCF7902

and placed my smaller pocket-parts on top (right sides facing each other) and pinned through all for layers


sewed this with my Overlock, then folded the pocket on the inside


to make that seam flat I sewed over it with zigzag


now I pinned the bigger pocket parts to the smaller pocket parts

DSCF7906 and sewed with my overlock. my pockets are finished, so moving on toDSCF7907the side seams which I pinned.

Thats how much I could get done with my pants today. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this project so far!

I hope I find the time to finish my pants soon.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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