all those little things I carry around


I am a big bags kind of person, for some weird reason I feel like I have to carry some things around with me. well not just some things… a lot of things 😉 The bad thing about big bags is you sometimes need quite some time to find the thing you are looking for ….

I also have a really low blood pressure, so I am always carrying around some water-bottles. Drinking a lot keeps the blood pressure close to normal. But they also take up space…

Well anyhow, (without bottles) if I empty my bag it looks like this:

some of those things are big enough to find when looking for them…




DSCF7914and some others are quite small, so if I am looking for them, I sometimes need to be digging in my bag for a while before I find them:







So I made a small bag for them:

DSCF7954 DSCF7955now my bag is a little more tidy.

By the way I used cork-fabric for this bag, its such a fun idea to make fabric out of cork, I just discovered it. Did you made something out of it as well?

The tutorial for this small bag will be posted next weekend.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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