Hello again

anyone still reading? I know, I abandoned you 😦 I am sorry.

Since my day job is now teaching how to sew, I have to admit blogging sewing tutorials turned into work, so it lost its fun. Nonetheless, I am still sewing, knitting and crafting. So I can at least start to show you those projects again.

And I have another idea. All of you reading me for a while might still remember I moved around quite a bit. That’s partly because it was necessary, and partly because I like seeing new places, meeting new people and just have a lot of “Fernweh”. Which funnily the dictionary says translates in English to another German word: “wanderlust”, but I also like “itchy feet”. I definitely have itchy feet, living in the same place for over 3 years now, and not that much money. I mean, I can survive just fine, but lots of trips are just not in my budget. And then I also do not have a drivers license, did I ever tell you that? In Germany it’s actually not a problem, you can get anywhere by trains or busses. Unless you talk to other Germans, they can’t imagine life without a car. 😉 Anyhow, I used to be a walker and runner, until I ruined my knee. So weirdly enough I rediscovered another means of transport: the bicycle. By bike, I try to satisfy my itchy feet and started taking analogue pictures again. I plan to do a longer tour with a tent next spring/summer, even though it also scares me a little.

Why did I tell you all that? I am thinking to maybe start a new blog for that, as TravelingFairy, WanderlustFairy, PhotographyFairy or something like that….(ideas?) or do you think I should include those posts here?

Let me know what you think! … and a wonderful new year to each one of you!




  1. Happy new year to you. I know how you feel. Havent blogged in a long time but miss it. I like all of your names for a blog but i would read you here. Cross post?

      • I agree with cross posting so I will explain it. That is where you would write your post on your new blog (I like WanderlustFairy) and also have it post on here so we can still read it even if we don’t follow your new blog. Oh, and I know how you feel since I have hardly blogged in 2018. I am going to change the focus of my blog (which before was all over the place) and hopefully make it something that I actually want to do again.

      • thanks for explaining. It means, in the end, are all the not sewing related posts still on this blog… so why start a new blog? maybe just create a new avatar for those posts…

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