thumbless days – chapter 1


Today is a public holiday in Germany, and instead of using it for finishing everything up, maybe doing my first test-pack of the panniers, I packed my bags and went to my parents, so my thumbless life until that doctor’s appointment would be more comfortable. (Read more about this here)

Button likes to travel, no matter the reason

I guess I should not be complaining since I have a supporting family I can count on in times like this. I am still sad about postponing my bicycle tour though, and that will probably cloud my judgment for some more days. Until I can move on to accepting it.

So what does a thumbless person do, when all her homey chores are done for her? Besides feeling pity for herself? 😉

Watching lots of movies and episodes on Netflix and iTunes. Well, this is what I saw today:

7 episodes of 3 different tv-shows/series

But today was also packing and travel, so I guess I will at least double that up tomorrow.

keep on smiling (no matter what)

your Fairy


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