thumbless days – chapter 4


With all that sadness and frustration I should not be surprised but my main focus today was not to start eating a lot of junk. First, you just crave chocolate or whatever your comfort food is and after you’ve eaten it, it feels good for a second and then you get mad at yourself for eating that stuff (or so much of it) and are sadder than before.

Does anyone else experience it that way? Or maybe it’s eating because waiting for that doctor’s appointment and not using my thumbs gets boring?

To sum it up, my mood over this whole situation is getting worse. 😦 I am sad, disappointed, angry… did I mention sad?

So to not keep whining, what I did today:

bought groceries

watched 11 episodes

plank: 1 minute 11 seconds + 30 crunches

Button really wants to help, but being thumbless himself he just does not know what to do…

(still working on:) keep on smiling

your Fairy

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