thumbless days – chapter 11


One more day until the doctor’s appointment! Weirdly in Germany, you count the nights you have to sleep before something happens, so two more nights to sleep.

So what did I do today?

  • watched 20 episodes and 1 show
  • 1 minute 32 secs plank (I think I reached a plateau with my planks) + 35 windmills on each side
  • packed 3 boxes:


They are filled with books, DVDs, shoes, and clothes. I will store them for a year. Of course, I can open them anytime until then and get something out, but everything still in there after one year probably should not stay with me 😉

Of course, my thumbs did not like packing and reorganizing my shelves and wardrobe, but I just had to do something.

keep on smiling

your Fairy

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