thumbless days – chapter 12


Zero days and one more night to sleep until my doctor’s appointment.

I am so nervous. I almost started crying a little earlier imagining the different scenarios that could happen tomorrow. In my history with doctors, they often could not find what was wrong with me, so of course, that is a massive fear of mine.

What also scares me is the possibility that it is something chronic I will never be able to get rid of. Surgery would also be scary…

Even though the waiting is almost over and I guess I should be happy about that I am just so scared of tomorrow.

I watched mostly youtube and tv today, so I do not have an accurate count of how many episodes and movies I have seen, but I finished my basket cover. It is only missing the elastic to keep it in place.

And I went through my crochet, knit and craft magazine collection and decided I could part with about half of it. So I am a little proud of myself.

keep on smiling

your Fairy


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