thumbless days – chapter 13


My fear was uncalled for, and I diagnosed it right all along: I have tenosynovitis.

Some variation that is called “house-wife-thumb”, which makes sense since sewing and housework is besides dressing and showering pain-wise the worst. What I still don’t understand is how a right-handed person could get it in her left hand… My right thumb is not as bad, and probably only hurts because it is trying to work for 2 now…

Anyway, I got pills to take and a splint to wear and one more week of sick leave if it gets better. If not, there will be injections and if that does not work surgery. Well, I am optimistic, or try to be 😉


What else did I do today?

After the appointment, I was wandering around quite a bit to find the train station. (In the morning a colleague/friend was kind enough to drive me.) Then I walked again to my workplace to give them the sick certificate and after to the medical supply store to get my splint.

No wonder I slept through some hours in the afternoon. I am just not that used to walking long distances at the moment…

Of course, I also watched some episodes/movies on Netflix and tv, but I have not counted them…

Does anyone have any tips/ideas for me how to keep myself occupied the next thumbless days? Thank you for any suggestion!

keep on smiling

your Fairy

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