thumbless days – chapter 22


I thought my thumb was finally getting better, and I guess it really is, but I still need to to be overly careful. After cooking without pain on Sunday, I thought it would be time to take my splint off at work, too. So I tried in my class Monday-evening, and after a few moments, the pain was back, and I had to put it back on. This will take some more time, at least for me while teaching, I guess. Most other things work almost normal and without splint again, because of that, I try to stay positive.

Today I went to swim-training again, and everything forward worked fine, if you do not count me being out of training, but for now, I can’t swim backward, for some weird reason that seems to afflict my thumb. Anyway, on my way back I walked a different route today and had to snap some pictures with my cellphone:

keep photographing and smiling

your Fairy

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