Buttons Christmas Wish


On Sunday the Advent is starting here in Germany. It is getting close to Christmas. Button has a wish for this Christmas: He wants to find lovely homes for some family members.

Ilan   –   Flora   –    Jo

Ilan loves nature and trees and wishes for some human who does so too. He would like to go on hikes and discover beauty in nature.

Flora is more of a home and garden mascot and prefers travels to family and in hotels, and she would love to find a person who feels the same.

Jo is a little troublemaker, she questions things, is very curious, free-spirited, and unconventional. She would love to find a fitting human to discover the world.

So who would like to adopt one of them? Please leave a comment below, who you would like to adopt and why they would be the perfect mascot for you. I will randomly pick one name for each mascot in 2 weeks (19-12-10) and send each on their way anywhere in the world. Hopefully, everyone can celebrate Christmas with a new family! (and you with a new mascot)

keep adopting and smiling

your Fairy

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