TailorFairy History: the yellow blouse


Another most-read post of 2015 was the last part of the tutorial for my yellow blouse. I still have it, I think, but in a box in my cellar somewhere to determine if I should give it away. Not because I did not like it anymore or it did not fit anymore, just because I wasn’t wearing it a lot. I think it is because I picked the wrong fabric, it is to warm for summer and with the shorter and wider sleeves to cold for winter. I sometimes wore it over a long-sleeve… But thinking about it now I should find that pattern and maybe make myself a summer version with different fabric.

Something else I felt very aware off, every time I was wearing it was how low the neckline goes. If I made another blouse like this again, I would add at least one button to the top, to feel more comfortable.

What do you think? Did you read this post back in 2015?

keep sewing and smiling

your Fairy

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