claustrophobic me


I just had a panic attack swimming. I went to swim-training as usual, and today a lot of people came, almost everyone was there. This is in a 25m pool, not the standard 50m. So with 10 swimmers in one lane it was like a person close to you in front, another right behind you, one from your group on one side, and one from the next lane on the other. And after 30 minutes the panic became too much, and I had to take a break. Trying to calm me down, which did not work, since the lane still looked full even without me.

I am not claustrophobic in small enclosed spaces, or I would have a lot of troubles with tents. I could sleep in a bivvy, I think. I could go inside my wardrobe and lock the door without troubles, but I have huge problems with many humans in a small space. Conventions, concerts and such are really hard for me. I do go to some trade fairs if they are fascinating for me, but to some just once. Because if they are too crowded for the content it is not worth repeating. 😉 I never went to a really big concert, just small ones or with appointed seats. And if I go to the movies or something, I always ask for a seat next to the aisle. I only take empty elevators. Most days, I do not feel limited, but today I do.

Do you have any phobias? How do you deal with them? Do you feel limited by them?

All the best

your Fairy


  1. I have no phobia like you describe. The only thing that makes me extremely uncomfortable is when it’s dark outside and black ice.
    Fell badly in the dark twice years ago with broken bones that needed surgery. Today I don’t care if I miss an important appointment or whatever. I only go out in such weather conditions when it is light and I can see exactly where the ice is on the road. I don’t know if this is over-cautious or if some people might call it a phobia.

    • Well, your health always comes first. 😉 Anyways, those fears establish themselves fast, I guess that is why they say you should get back on the horse/bike after you fall, so you will not become afraid. But I guess that is what you did and fell the second time. I hope everything healed fine?

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