crazy world 9


They are talking about a new rule in Germany: that you have to wear a face mask when going into the supermarket, for example.

I really hope that the rule will not be established. I am getting scared under those masks. Maybe it is my claustrophobia, but I feel like I can not breathe. Of course, I am already thinking about what fabric I should use if I have to make myself some masks.


Button is already training, but he is not as scared as me 😉

In other news, my flute learning book finally got delivered, and I started re-learning the first 3 musical notes. It was pretty easy when I had the help of the book. I think this will be a fast relearning process.

I was at a different supermarket today, because the Packstation is right behind it, and that was a really weird solution: they also put up plastic around the register, but this was frosted, so you could not see the cashier. Weird shopping days 😉

How is life where you live? Do you still work? What rules do you have?

Take care, stay safe and healthy!

your Fairy


  1. We have pretty much the same rules as you, though they’re not talking about wearing face masks. We take it pretty cool, but do not see so many people. They’re more engaging people take some precautions than actually making rules.

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