crazy world 10


Today I went to the farmers market again for my neighbour, and still, most people were trying their best to keep the distance. But one elder woman was coming really close, and I was wondering again how those that I am trying to protect with my behaviour seem so little concerned for themselves.

Anyway, when I got back to my neighbour, and we talked a little at the door, some other neighbours walked past us. One of them asked why it was me shopping for neighbours, who do not have a car but walks to the stores. (Cycling would not be faster.)

I am still surprised by that question. Why should I not be shopping for my neighbour? Just because others have cars? I do not see the logic in that. If everyone thought that way, nobody would be helped. I mean, who would shop for my neighbour if I was saying some neighbour with a car should be doing that. I like helping my neighbour, and I love that I can do something, even if it is only shopping. I hate feeling so helpless.

Is there something where you could be helping but are waiting for somebody better equipped to do it? Or are you helping someone even though there might be people who should? Or maybe you are like me and never thought about it that way?

Take care, stay safe and healthy, and keep helping wherever you can

your Fairy

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