this tour was in vain


A few towns away a new bicycle store opened from the same chain I went to before. So they send me a coupon of 20€ to use in the first week after their opening. I need some panniers for front and back for Charlotte, my new bamboo bicycle. So I thought, Charlotte, Button and I would do a tour to the store (google maps said 16km) and buy some panniers, put them on and cycle back. This way I could test them out right then and on the way back pick up my packages from the post office and load them into the panniers.

First, of course, I had troubles with the way. Bicycle route signs are scarce. And I also got a little lost in the town after I reached it at a totally different part than planned. So it was almost 18km on the way to the store.

But then disillusion: They already sold out on those panniers I wanted. They also only could order the front panniers for me. The salesperson promised me I could use my coupon for those, when they get there, even though that will be after the originally declared time. I foresee some troubles about that and have not decided yet if I really will take another tour there or just order them after all. I am pretty frustrated.

Because, of course, I also got lost on the way back. I tried another route google maps had suggested. So it was 19km (instead of that 16km), but 2 should be less, because at some point I turned around and pedalled about 1km back, so 2km in total.

At least the weather was fine. 🙂 And I took some pictures of Charlotte for you:

So we did 37.02 km in 2:34:46 hours with an average speed of 14.37 km/h and a maximum speed of 21.25 km/h and still came home without panniers. :S

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


  1. […] Tonight Button and I got back home. First thing after coming home was to leave again to check up on Leif and Charlotte (who enjoyed their evening and were a little annoyed with being disturbed, but I missed them). And go to the Packstation to pick up my first set of panniers, I decided to mailorder after all. […]

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