let us try this again… in a more positive version


A few days later and I thought I would tell you the positive sides of my bicycle tour from Monday. I was so disappointed and sad that my memory was a little biased.

So first: the weather was wonderful. After weeks and months of mostly grey and rain and storm, the sun was shining, and the air felt fresh and clear.

Second: I met some great people. Starting with 2 boys about 15 years old, who luckily came up with bicycles behind me, when I got lost the first time. When I asked them for the way, they were very polite and tried their best to help me and even cycled some meters with me. I was a little surprised that they called me “Sie”. In German, we have 2 different versions of you, one informal for friends and family and children, and a formal one for adults. When they called me the formal version I realized at some point I must have started to look adult-y and respectable to teenage boys. I was impressed. 🙂

Some km later I was looking on a map to orient myself, and a young mum came up behind me to inform me that the way to the right was flooded some meters later. Luckily I did not need to go that way, but I was still very thankful for her warning.

Shortly after I got lost again and asked some lady checking her mailbox for directions. And it turned out I was not that lost at all since the store was right behind her house, but there was no way, and I had to cycle around the block. 😉

When I reached the store, I met another cyclist at the bicycle parking lot, who really liked Button and then was curious about Charlotte being made of bamboo.

On the way back I wasn’t sure I was on the right street at one point and I asked another cyclist pedalling towards me if it was the way to Hasloh, which she confirmed.

Third: cycling with Charlotte was a lot of fun. All my little adjustments paid off, the crocheted handlebar and saddle covers were pleasant to touch and felt good. I still have to train to use those SPD-pedals/shoes and my body has to learn the new seating position, but everything was fine. Besides me getting slower towards the end because I had not packed enough food for the extended trip the day turned out to be. 😉


keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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