crazy world 8


Now even the weather is turning crazy:

There are only a few hours in between both pictures. 😉 In Germany, we have the saying that in April the weather is turning crazy, so this was about 2 days premature.

In other news, they tell us it is way too premature to talk about how to get back to normal, or at least normal-ish. I mean I understand that it might be too early to stop the social distancing and shop closing and such, but I think it is not to early to talk about it. There should be a plan in place, even though there might not yet be a date when it will start working. At least I would feel a lot better if there was such a plan.

Going grocery shopping was weird, as usual by now… 😉 which in itself is just – weird. But it felt great to be outside again. So maybe I should get over my not liking to walk or cycle just to walk or cycle and do a tour or a walk every other day. This probably would be good for my mind and mood. I just do not see the point in aimlessly walking/cycling around.

How is it where you live? What restrictions do you have? Are they talking about getting back to normal-ish? How do you stay sane?

Take care and stay healthy

your Fairy


  1. Actually, they are talking about cutting down some restrictions after the easter-vacation. But we’ll see if it goes..

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