crazy world 11


Today I brought Charlotte to her first check-up in Kiel, and I was so nervous about that. Not because I thought there was something wrong with Charlotte. But because I was afraid I would not be able to get there: I had to cross state borders.

It usually would not have been a problem, I live in the German State of Schleswig-Holstein and Kiel is its capital. But due to some construction on the trains, I had to pedal into Hamburg (another state) and take a train from there. Yesterday police stopped bicyclist at the borders, so I was anxious if I could get into Hamburg… and then back into Schleswig-Holstein. Really? Is that supposed to be the “free country” I grew up in that I have to worry about something like that? And I mean I am alone with my bicycle on the street, I get not close to anyone. Unless a car ignores the distance, it has to keep. 😉


You might have guessed it by now, I did not get stopped, I was able to take the train with no troubles and found my way in Kiel back to the my-boo-headquarters.

Where I took the bags and Button off, parked Charlotte in front of the door, walked a few meters away, and then called to say they could pick her up. Crazy world ;). The mechanic taking care of Charlotte was really considerate, he even knew her name… I still do no know why. 😉 I guess somebody inside knew it? Anyways, I either forgot his name, or he never said it, but he brought Charlotte back within an hour.  (which I spent sitting on the parking lot, reading) Now we cycled back to the train station testing out a new route. Since I had no map of Kiel with me I was cycling by “feeling”, but I am proud to report I found the train station with no troubles.

On the way back we left the train in Brokstedt. I wanted to cycle back from there. First, because I like cycling and today was wonderful weather and second to not have to cross any borders again. 😉

In the town of Bad Bramstedt Charlotte, Button and I went to the “drive-through” of Burger King. Which was hilarious in itself. But when I was leaving, I saw a father with his daughter “cycle-through” as well. 😉 Anyways, sitting at that ugly parking lot and drinking my milk-shake and my soda I saw this:


Beauty is just everywhere 😉

Cycling further I noticed I definitely had packed not enough water. I was getting really thirsty. But no more drive-through’s on my way. 😦 I forgot to take a lock with us, so I was terrified to leave Charlotte outside a store… unlocked. In the end, I had to, but I only went in a few meters, picked the first bottle I saw, and I could see her all the time through the window. I filmed a lot today, so a video is coming.

All in all, we cycled 65.07km today, so I guess Charlotte (and I) will sleep well tonight. By the way, it was impressive how many cyclist and skaters I saw on our tour. And how many of them were wearing jackets and boots, while I was feeling warm in a T-Shirt. And I am one of those people that are always cold. 😉

I hope you all are doing as well as possible! How is it where you live? Are there things you are afraid of now, that never mattered before the world turned (virus-)crazy?

You can not infect other people by smiling at them. Why is that so difficult for some people? 😉

Take care, stay safe and healthy, and keep on smiling

your Fairy


  1. It is really strange and beautiful at the same time.
    Never before have so many strangers greeted me and/or smiled at me as I walked by.
    Does it have to do with being careful and not being able to meet with friends or family?
    Despite all this the streets are like a working day when you have to leave your house at 6 o’clock in the morning. Fewer cars on the streets, fewer people you meet. But every greeting, every smile does you good. I have never been on the phone as much as I am now. Telephoning helps a little, but it does not replace meeting friends. Unfortunately you can’t hug a phone. I miss that.

    • I am glad to hear you have such great experiences with strangers! Yeah, hugging is dearly missed. Normally I am glad to live alone, but nowadays it would be nice to have roommates, at least you would allowed to hug them. 😉

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