crazy world 17


now it really happened, what I feared from the beginning. My fellow humans are turning radical. Of course, everyone has the right to go on the street and tell everyone that they do not like the way the government managed this pandemic. I can relate, I think that in some areas as well. But sadly radical people can use that fear and anger towards their goals. And that scares me. As I said in the beginning, I do not fear the virus. Personally, I probably would be fine. But I am afraid of what my fellow humans will do. Well, it is starting… and I really hope we can soon de-escalate that situation.

I mean, luckily, for now, this is only a small group. Most people stay calm and do their best. And I can totally understand the impatience of all the others. I just hope they watch what other people try to use them for.

How are people were you live? Are they still patient?

Take care, stay safe and healthy, and keep smiling

your Fairy


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