let us talk about the world turning crazy


I do not know in which country of the world you are living and how crazy it already is around you, but Germany is getting crazier by the day at the moment. I mean, yes, there is this virus, and yes it is dangerous, but actually, that one does not concern me as much as the way people act right now.

Luckily being a healthy 33-year-old female, I personally do not have to be concerned with this virus as much. That leaves more time to observe humanity and wonder about it. Actually, when I went shopping for groceries today, you wouldn’t notice it that much. The mall was full of people as usual. Maybe they all ran to the mall to hoard supplies.

But a lot of meetings, events and such get cancelled. Same as school and daycare. You get told to meet as few people as you can manage. You know what I did? I offered an older neighbour to shop groceries for her. I decided to ignore that meeting people rule and think of somebody really in danger if she is getting infected. (of course, we did not touch or get close to each other πŸ˜‰ )

I do not think this is a time to see your fellow human as a risk or even a danger. I think this is a time for us to work together and help those that are really endangered by this virus. And stay calm. Think things through. Be sensible. And most of all be kind. At the moment, the way people are acting in fear is scaring me the most, so I try to stay calm and be better.

What do you think? How are people acting where you live? Are you scared?

stay kind and smiling

your Fairy


  1. So far I do not notice any difference in the behaviour of the others. But yesterday morning while shopping I noticed how empty the streets were. On a normal Saturday morning there are usually a lot more people on the road. I have no panic but I still worry. I belong to the risk patients if I should get the virus. I have had asthma since birth and therefore a higher rate that the disease could go bad for me.

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