cycling for my sanity – crazy world 4


Charlotte, Button and I cycled to Lübeck today. This trip was planned before the world turned crazy, but it also was very well timed for my mental health. I have to admit I was getting mad with worry and thoughts were circling inside my head about my (financial) future and my fear what will happen if this whole thing keeps up for a longer time.

So since I am the only human cycling and I took enough food and water with me, I did not need to come close to anyone. I was well in compliance with the suggested behaviour. And I really needed this trip. Nothing clears your head as well as a day of cycling. I am much calmer now, even though I got the bad news today I will only get 60% of my usual salary for this month and probably the next ones. (Same as many other Germans, the employers are doing the best they can.)

Anyways, Charlotte and I had a lot of time to get to know each other today. I still have to figure out those SPD-pedals. My back and my arms did hurt a little today because I am not used to my new riding position, and I did some involuntary turns even while cycling straight because her handlebar reacts differently than Leif’s. But we had a wonderful day together (even though it was headwinds all the way):

70.23 km in total

5:08:05 hours of cycling

average speed of 13.68 km/h

highest speed: 28.29 km/h


keep cycling and smiling

your Fairy


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