gear update after the weekend tour


I did test some of my (new) gear on my weekend tour. Here are my thoughts:

Back Panniers: They worked well, very spacious, and stayed in place. Just like panniers have to be. (Aqua back plus by Vaude)

Solar Charger: I had them for the way there and back on my rack. Friday it was mostly cloudy, but Sunday it was really sunny. In total, I got enough energy to charge my headphones, my camera and 50% of my cell phone. Not great and not bad. (by ADDTOP)

Seat for Button: The seat, in general, I like a lot, but I will need to add a neck pillow for Button since his head is falling down to the side when he wears his helmet. (bicycle seat for baby born puppets)

Carrying strap: Worked well to get Charlotte up and down the stairs.

Headphones: I really enjoy being able to listen to music now while bicycling, they work well, and I still can hear everything around me. I sometimes struggle with them, when I want to cover my ears as well, to keep them warm and then they press against my skin or ears. (AfterShokz Air)

Bicycle cap: Felt great, kept the head warm enough, shielded the eyes. (fabrics via Spoonflower)

Handlebar Mount: Stayed in place and held the camera in place. The turning around worked well, I am currently working on the video. (by PULUZ)


I hope you all stay safe, kind and healthy!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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