crazy world 5


When I pedalled to work this morning, everything seemed pretty normal, besides that, I was the only person in the store/office. But I already trained that last week. 😉 When I went to buy some food/supplies, it got really weird.

My shopping trip started when ringing at my neighbour’s door and asking if she needed anything. Which she did from the Reformhaus. That is a special store with healthy and bio food, something in between a bio supermarket and a pharmacy. Well, anyways, this store is in the middle of the mall. I haven’t been inside the mall since the majority of the stores had to close, so I wasn’t sure if it was still open. But I was willing to try, so I went to the mall, and it really was still open. To get to the mall, I have to walk through a park, and there were quite a few people outside enjoying the sun, but they all seemed to stay away from others. Then there was the first difficult situation, a man held open a door for me, which meant I had to get close to him… but not touch the door, so what would have been better?

And my neighbour was in luck, the Reformhaus was still open. I got stopped right at the door because other customers were standing close to the things I had to buy. So I waited a little until the way was free and got all the things for my neighbour. 🙂 Then I walked through the mall to get to the supermarket. I was almost spooky to walk through a mall with mostly closed stores, and for that, it was kind of dark, too.

Inside the supermarket, some people also tried to stay away from others, but some also seemed to not care. 2 salespeople walked by me very closely, for example. The people at the registers are behind Plexiglas now. And it was difficult to leave without getting close to the people standing around at the door. (by the way, there was still no toilet paper, luckily I was only checking out of curiosity)

These are definitely crazy times when you get ordered by your government to stay 2m away from other people and it is illegal when more than 2 people are together. So let us battle this with kindness and patience.

keep on smiling

your Fairy

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