crazy world 7


The world stays crazy… Today I went to the farmers market, mostly to shop for my neighbour. And while people tried to keep their distance to the front and back, for example when standing in line, they seemed to ignore their sides. People came pretty close to your side when walking past… Maybe we should all starting hooped skirts again to remind us of the distance. And most of the people at the farmers market were age-wise definitely in a risk-group.

Well, next I went to the Reformhaus again, this time for a coworker. Today there was another sales-person on shift, and this one was very “relaxed”. She stood very close to a man she was talking to when I entered the store. She did not seem worried at all.

At a magazine shop, some other customer came very close as well after I waited outside for a while until everyone else bought their stuff alone in the small store.

The supermarket was pretty much the same… still without toilet paper. (I am just too curious to not look every time)

But on my way back I had to wonder again: Do other people not love their bicycles as much as I do? The way they lock their bikes seems careless. Lots of them would be so easy to steal. I mean I probably am sometimes too careful by securing them with 2 locks and a steel cable. And I am still always a little scared to leave them alone.

By the way, I started to work on a video introducing Charlotte today. I think I will finish it soon and then do the video about our tour to Lübeck.

To really start with guitar playing again there was something I had to do:

Cutting 4 of my fingernails really short, it feels bizarre. But I could not press the strings down as needed. So no more excuses!

Take care and stay safe and healthy!

keep on smiling 

your Fairy


  1. Omg I know that problem with the nails and the guitar. That may be the reason to why I´m not playing so much strings and more drums. Abou your bike; I think it´s sweet that you care so much about it. I only lock my bike because it had been stolen before, and I would not like that to happen again. Btw now it´s the same in Denmark, 2 people or less meetings.

    • It is? That is interesting. Since the closing of the border there is nothing in our news about Denmark. I think it would be interesting to know what other countries are doing, not just those that have big problems.

      • Yeah that´s right. A bit weird that there´s no news about the other countries. In Denmark the report about both Norway, Germany, Sweden and also countries more far away. (I´ll keep you updated;))

      • thank you. How are things looking in Norway and Sweden? We do not get news about them either. We mostly hear about Italy and Spain and the USA, and a little bit about Austria and France.

      • In Norway there are many infected, but very few dies (fortunately!). In Sweden, there are 92 deaths, more than in Denmark (52). But they also managed it differently, and had a normal life while we were in lockdown.

      • I think Sweden has now, but in the start the didn´t though everyone else had restrictions

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