crazy world 6


I am starting to get into a daily routine.

In the morning, I do some yoga. Then work or sew, depending on if there is some work to do or not. (and grocery shopping if necessary) Today I worked on a new dress:


Then cooking and lunch. Today I slept a little after lunch. I will see how I will use that time in the future. Probably with movie cutting and fabric designs. Later some training or instrument playing. Today I picked up my flute and guitar after 15 years. I was surprised how much was still there, but I need basic exercises for both to get back into really playing music. 😉 Next, watching some TV for about 1.5 hours, cooking+dinner, and then a movie while crocheting.

Life outside of my apartment stays crazy though, my visit to an organic supermarket and the pharmacy yesterday was very weird. Salespeople behind Plexiglas, security that keeps count of the number of people inside the store and watching the distance between customers.

How is life in your corner of the world? Are you one of the people at home or one of the busy ones working even more now?

Stay kind, safe and healthy and, as always, keep on smiling

your Fairy


  1. Oh it´s a pretty dress! I´m sewing a bit and crochetting (don´t know if that´s grammatic correct)

    • thank you. I think I will like to wear this. I am normally not a dress person 😉 I prefer to combine tops with pants or skirts 😉 But my uncle marrys in less than 2 months and after I think I will take it on my bicycle tour with me, to have something to wear when not on the bicycle.

      • That sounds as a good plan. let´s hope your uncles wedding not will be canceled because of corona!

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