crazy world 3


I am thinking about how to occupy myself. For one so I wouldn’t get bored and also, so I do not have that much time to worry about the future. I have to admit I am nervous and watching the news too much is making me even more nervous.

So I guess I need a plan. Work will only keep me busy for some hours per week, so the other hours/days I need to be working on other projects. Sewing, of course, maybe tackling those UFOs, and I will take part in the Spoonflower design challenges, study Danish, sport/training, reading, and (only) some movies/TV… any other ideas?

How do you keep positive and busy?

keep on smiling

your Fairy

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  1. Well, I read, sew, make schoolwork. Actaully I started yoga-practising, It´s pretty awesome. really good to occupy yourself. Oh, and garden-work is also real fun.

    • that sounds like a good plan you have.
      I also do yoga.
      I do not have garden though, which is probably very good for the plants, I do not have, because I tend to kill all plants. :S 😉

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