and it gets crazier


Today all unessential shops in Schleswig-Holstein (a state of Germany) had to close. I am pretty sure in the other states it is pretty much the same. Anyways, since fabrics and haberdashery and sewing classes are supposedly unessential the shop I am working at is closed as well.  If you ask all the fabric-addicts out there, it is very essential. 😉 For now, I still have some office work to do. But who knows if I still have a job, whenever the store is allowed to open again.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping, and I had to laugh when I passed the aisle with the toilet paper: it was empty. 🙂 People are really crazy buying so much toilet paper as if life depends on it. The other thing I noticed was a little weird: I am not worried about getting infected myself. But out of respect for my fellow citizens, I try to keep my distance as much as possible, but that is really hard when your fellow citizens do not do the same. Some came really close to me. I wonder why… Maybe that is another sign that respect is not common anymore. (I noticed that within the last years on different occasions) I will keep trying to do my best to give other people more space. Because the only thing you can change is your own behaviour…

How is the craziness where you live? How much does the virus affect your life? Are people around you respectful?

keep on smiling

your Fairy


  1. Personally, I haven’t noticed any disrespect. But I think it’s disrespectful, especially for older people, if you use the time you would normally spend at school to run through the city in crowds. Here on saturday morning it was like this. Don’t they have parents, grandparents, at-risk patients in the family, that they don’t care so much?
    I think it’s sad that in situations like we have all over the world, the inhibitions fall completely, and sometimes really bad character traits show up.
    I’ve been using social media a lot, sometimes for information, sometimes for entertainment, but what is partly posted there, I would not have thought possible months ago.

    • the world really is turning crazy. if we all just took it seriously, and kept out respectful distance to everyone I think they would not have had to close so many shops and other things.

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