fitting straps on my bicycle


If the world is turning crazier by the day… concentrate on sewing, straps and bicycles: they still work the same way.

As I told you when I bought my new straps, I want to do a carrying strap for Charlotte. Leif is so easy to carry out of the cellar, but with Charlotte I still have troubles. The top tube is a little low for me to get her easily on my shoulder or down. So I thought I would add a strap to the top tube I could carry her with:

So I did some fitting today. šŸ˜‰ I will show you the finished project and tell you if it is working soon.

I also wanted to test Button’s new seat with new straps and my old front bag.

But as you can see, Button’s left foot does not have any space, so it will not work this way.

Next, I tried to put the front bag to the front:

I think I will sew it this way and test it on our next tour.

keep sewing and smiling

your Fairy

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