crazy world 21 – amusement park


Today I was in a freshly re-opened amusement park with my aunt and uncle. And as everything nowadays it was crazy. I had to buy the tickets for today online because they do not sell tickets there for now. They say they do this to count the people inside. I felt it was pretty full inside, maybe it really was, maybe that is just my perception because I am not used to crowds anymore. πŸ˜‰

Besides feeling loud and crowded, what most annoyed me was that the people did not keep their distance. Most of them did not even try and (besides one time) none of the personnel ever said anything. I mean between the different roller coasters and attractions. Not inside, that you can not keep your distance while riding a rollercoaster I get… thats why we had to wear masks while doing so. πŸ˜‰ But in between, you can keep your distance while walking to the next attraction… or when waiting in line.

The rides were still fun though and, we had a nice day besides wondering about our fellow humans.

How is the world where you live?

Take care, stay safe and healthy and keep on smiling πŸ˜‰

your Fairy

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