what was in my panniers? front pannier 1


Here is the next part of me unpacking after my bicycle tour! This time I  show you what I had in the first of my 2 front panniers. With my personal opinions about the gear, what I will take again and what I might change next time. By the way, I bought all my gear for the price anyone would have paid, and I do not get paid to say anything of the following.

As with the other posts, you can watch me unpack and talk about the things in the video:

So what did I have in my pannier?

  • Maps: For the bicycle routes by BIKELINE, Hamburg by adfc, and some maps I got given on campgrounds of the area with a lot of advertisement on them 😉
  • self-sewn sunhat. I get easily sunburn and sunstroke, I still did not wear this for the whole tour, since I kept my bicycle cap on my head. So I probably will not pack this again. Or maybe for my “rest-day-outfit”, it is very light and does not take up much space.
  • Zlok by HIPLOK. These are small locks you can close like zip ties and open up again with a key. I often use them to lock my helmet to my bicycle, so I do not have to carry it around. I did not use them this time but will retake them.
  • FIXPLUS straps. In addition to bungee cords, they come in handy when you need something strapped and secured to your bicycle. Will pack them again.
  • TRONO chair. I do like this chair a lot. Since I had a lot of rainy and misty days, I only used it once. So I am thinking of replacing it with a more weatherproof camping chair. I still like this a lot and will use it for other trips and tours.
  • my cooking set up: pot with lid/pan by Overmont, stove by Hikenture, self-sewn pot-holder and gas

Do you have any questions about the things I carried around in this pannier? Do you have any questions about my tour in general? Do not hesitate to ask!

Next week I will show you what is in the second front pannier.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy




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