what was in my panniers? front pannier 2


Here is the next part of me unpacking after my bicycle tour! This time I  show you what I had in the second of my 2 front panniers. With my personal opinions about the gear, what I will take again and what I might change next time. By the way, I bought all my gear for the price anyone would have paid, and I do not get paid to say anything of the following.

As with the other posts, you can watch me unpack and talk about the things in the video:

So what did I have in my pannier?

  • Some last clothing items, a thin fleece jacket by H&M and my self-sewn wind-vest, I would retake both.
  • My utensils, I mostly used the spoons… I like to eat with a spoon. The fork and knife in green are just for those rare occasions, and the orange blade is for fruits and vegetables. (It is very sharp, and I love it)
  • My dish-washing-kit: dish-washing detergent, I filled into this small bottle, towel and scrubber/sponge/thing to clean the dishes by Kochblume. Of course, I used this a lot and will retake it.
  • The cutting board: did not use it this time, should have had more fresh vegetable to eat 😉 I will take it again and do better next time!
  • Drinking powders: I do not like to have some flavour in my water, and on tour, it is good to have some additional electrolytes and vitamins. So I had different powders for that and switched between them, so I would drink enough.
  • Mashed potato powder: just add hot water 😉 It is the fastest and easiest dinner that is glutenfree and easy to add fresh vegetables or other food too. Or at least I did not find anything easier yet.
  • Salami sticks, boiled eggs, and protein bars for snacks throughout the day. The egg container also works well if you buy fresh eggs and have to transport them before you can boil them. I think I will add crackers on my next tour, to have more salty snacks. 😉
  • glutenfree oats and protein powder I ate for breakfast. Cooked the oats in some water and then added the powder, so I had something warm in the cold mornings. Easy and fast breakfast 😉
  • little felt-markers to draw the tour of the day on the map for you. I used that map a lot to show where I had been and where I was going. I hope you also liked it in my blog posts.
  • A hub for my MacBook, so I could read out the micro-sd-cards. Did not use it this time, not sure if I will take it again.
  • 2 power banks, one by Networx is fast enough to load up my MacBook, the other one I used for all the other electronics like my cellphone, headphones and camera. (This one also has a solar panel which I did not use this time, just because I did not need it) I will take them both again.
  • Some additional films for my cameras: I did not take that many pictures this time, so I did not need them but would retake them.
  • My backpack: This one is convenient if the way to the bathroom or dish-washing-sink is far and you need to carry your things, also for grocery shopping. I will definitely pack this again.

Do you have any questions about the things I carried around in this pannier? Do you have any questions about my tour in general? Do not hesitate to ask!

Next week I will show you what was in my handlebar bag and my fanny pack.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy




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