the thing about plans…


After the adventurous ride to Lübeck on Friday, I looked up a route avoiding those closed roads/constructions sites and was fully prepared to start pedalling this morning. This was when my aunt and uncle noticed that a great aunt who always would have their window shutters open by that time still had them down. You can see her house from my uncle’s place. So we would get worried and informed her daughters. And then we had to wait… nothing else to do. I could not bring myself to leave.

She did not recognize me the last times I saw her, but I have a lot of childhood memories with her in it. Well, anyway, we were right to be worried, and she was taken to the hospital.

By then it was almost 2 hours later, so I could have cycled home, but probably 2 hours of that would have been in the dark. On a route, I did not know.

So I took the train instead and then pedalled home from the train station. This weekend really did not turn out as planned at all. 😉

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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