the thing about plans… 2


Long time no post. Sorry about that. My life got a little more stressful at work over the last weeks. So I really needed a weekend away. And since money is tight (thanks covid-19), I planned on cycling to Lübeck again. Only I had to find a new route after the experience last time… And only a few hours of daylight. But I thought cycling for a full day again would be great for my mind. Then the troubles started:

Last week I noticed that Charlotte’s light is pointing straight and not slightly towards the ground as it is supposed to be. Since I am always complaining about those other bicyclists pointing their lights straight ahead and blind the others, I could not cycle in the dark before fixing this. So last night, I tried every tool in my collection to get the screw loose that is holding the light and had to declare utter defeat. Knowing my uncle has an ever bigger tool collection I planned on starting early (never easy for me) and get there before the sun goes down, so I would not need my lights. But then I was already a little late and could not find my headphones, which in the end were right where they were supposed to be. But by then it was too late to finish the tour with daylight. So I thought about cycling into Hamburg taking a train to Lübeck and then pedal to my uncle’s house. But if my uncle also did not have the right tool, I would face the same troubles on my way back home, again… And I do not like to cycle through cities and with a bicycle on a train is neither fun. So I thought about cancelling. In the end, Button and I made the whole trip by train, and Charlotte had to stay home. I hope this was the right decision for my mental health at this moment…

At least Button had fun:

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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