Mädchen: “Made by You” crafting mag impressions


so to keep things equally interesting, today a german magazine, which actually surprised me when I saw the first issue half a year ago. Mädchen is actually a german teeny mag, with tips how to handle boys and love stories and such. (mädchen is the german word for girl) It is one of those magazine pretty much everyone bought when 13 or so and is ashamed later to admit she did ;). Well I did buy this mag back then and that is why I was so surprised when I noticed they started there own crafting mag.

I am quite pleasantly surprised by this mag, just lots of nice, quick and easy crafting ideas, also very adequate for beginners. They start of with quite a few upcycling ideas to copy trends on the runways or what stars where seen with. By those stars I noticed I am to old… I only knew half of them;). Most of them are only explained by words, which I think would work better with some pics, but they are still easy to understand and good ideas. They also have 2 patterns included one for a simple cape and the other for a muff. Both detailed explained by pictures.

Then they have quite a few other easy crafting ideas and some things you could with make up and lotions and such, also some recipes 😉

So for everyone looking for easy crafting and sewing and upcycling ideas this is a good magazine. Even if you think you might be to old for the target group. 😉 It cost me actually 2.95€, so its really not to expensive to try.

stay tuned for the next sewing/crafting mag next saturday!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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