fabric stores in Lübeck


so last weekend I visited my grandma near to Lübeck, and when I am there I have 2 fabric stores I like to visit. I asked in both stores if I was allowed to take a picture and in one I would have had to ask the executive board or something, that sounded pretty complicated, so I didnt take a picture. At the other store the boss was at vacation and so the sales person wasnt allowed to allow me to take pictures. So no pictures today. Sorry! But they are still both great so I will tell you about them anyhow and I hope at the next store they are easier and I can take a picture for you.

Stoff bei Stoff

When we visited my grandma as a family and I was still in high school we used to park close to this end of the centre of Lübeck, so each time we passed it I would go through the reduced leftover fabric displayed on the outside of the store… and then probably get in and buy at least one piece. Its a great store with a little bit of everything in the crafting world, knitting, embroidery and sewing. They have a big selection of fabrics I really like to go through and I also like how caring they decorate there shop. It also is a lot bigger then what you would guess from the outside!

Karstadt – fabric department

the Karstadt in Lübeck still has its fabric department, most of the Karstadt store closed there fabric departments, but this one kept it and I am really glad for it. Because it is very big and they always have a lot of fabrics on sale (which is why I most times leave a lot more money there, then I intended.) They have lots of different fabrics and also lots of buttons, belt buckles and handy stuff for the sewing and crafting process. Also, which isnt always given in big stores that have just a fabric department, the people working there know something about what they are selling.

They are both worth checking out, so if you vacationing at the baltic sea somewhere close to Lübeck you have something to do on rainy days;).

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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